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Mexico the land of coastlines

With over 10,000 km of coastline, Mexico offers a bounty of water sports and activities. Scuba-diving and snorkeling, sailing, surfing, fishing, water-skiing and white-water rafting are all available amid some of the world’s most benevolent climates.

Most of the country’s beach resorts also offer simpler water-related activities, such as boat rides, swimming with dolphins or just bobbing across the waves on an inflatable banana pulled along by a speed boat.

Mexico’s Caribbean coast, with its clear turqoise waters, is particularly popular for snorkeling and SCUBA diving, although these activities aren’t limited to those resorts. The Pacific coast and the Sea of Cortez (also called the Gulf of California, between the Baja peninsula and the Mexican mainland) also have many excellent spots for viewing close up the country’s large variety of marine life.

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Mexico's amazing spots

Water sports is an outdoor activity which is a thrill to experience. One must experience at least one such water sport to unwind into the madness of water and the fun. And if you are thinking to spend your next summer break in Mexico, you can spot the water sport at a lot of places. One can easily get confused and not be sure about the places.

Learning spots

Mexico offers good quality surfing in warm water; the country’s beaches have both gentle and powerful waves, so there are opportunities for surfers of all levels of experience. Mexico is very popular with professional and experienced surfers. Huatulco’s beaches offer world-class surfing, some on beaches well away from the crowds; some sites can only be reached by boat. Experienced surfers can enjoy the perfect ten-foot waves and tubes. Playa Esperanza, close to Bahía de Chahué, is a top location for both surfing and windsurfing, with warm shallow water and big waves.

Surfing is possible around Los Cabos from March until November. There are many small secluded beaches to explore. The best beaches in the area include La Bocana in the San José estuary, Nueve Palmas, Punta Perfecta, El Tule, Los Frailes, Acapulquito and La Pastora.

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